Cooperation with Felix von Looz
12/2014 - 05/2015
Lavaboom was a German startup that was building a zero access secure email service that focused on simplifying PGP encryption security to target a more mainstream user-base. In other words, the ­focus was set on secure emails for everyone. Since PGP encryption is a secure but complex ­process, Lavaboom aimed to simplify the ­
experience and to provide it as a service in the form of an easy to use email-client. The interface had to reflect the security and trustworthiness of the service, while providing an easy and intuitive experience.
The design package for Lavaboom primarily inclu­ded UI/UX Design for the digital products – mainly app- and web-design – but also the development of a corporate identity, landing page, statio­nary ­design and the visual communication of services.
The email client was designed and tested and eventually launched into beta-stage.
After the web-service went into a working beta-stage, we started developping the app.