February 2014 – July 2014
Bachelor Student
Wouldn’t it be great if we were able to design and manufacture completely individualized tools and spare parts instantaneous once the need arises? With the help of generative design and manufacturing processes, we are almost there.
The bachelor thesis investigated the development of tools from the stone age until today. Parallels between natural and technological evolution were ­explored and the development of humanity through the aid of tools is regarded. Furthermore, generative processes inspired by nature are used to develop
an experimental workflow in tool-design.
Development of a strategy
We live in a world of constant change. Nature, ­society, technology and design are evolving. The scientific basis of the thesis was focused on the parallels between evolution in nature and the progression of technology. The practical approach of the thesis explores which nature inspired processes can be applied deliberately to design. Through the aid of generative design methods, a workflow was created, which allows tools to be generated to fit a  users needs. At the same time it is explored in how far the use of generative design can influence the role of the designer.
The final output was produced via laser sinter, after experiencing the technology first hand at the German Aerospace Center.